You never know exactly what to expect here, but one thing is certain, they are all unique and enigmatic little creatures. Some are missing something, others have too much and then there are those who both have too much and too little.

Roland W. Lüthi

  Dama con Shrimpcat  
PAL 432 n.5 PAL 432 n.35 PAL 432 n.31
PAL 432 n.37 Yvette PAL 432 n.39 Pablo PAL 432 n.40 The Dissident
PAL 432 n.41 Miss Moonshadow Moonshadow PAL 432 n.42 Mr. Bold PAL 432 n.43 Wish you were here
PAL 432 n.44 Jack Cold Ears, space pirate PAL 432 n.45 Corsair Thomas ‘Pink Shark’ PAL 432 n.46
  PAL 432 n.36  
  PAL 432 n.22 Dragon Maiden  
PAL 432 n.7 PAL 432 n.34 
PAL 432 n.19
PAL 432 n.2 Sentinel Egg PAL 432 n.6 Blurred Philosopher PAL 432 n.1 The Hunter Rabbit
PAL 432 n.22 Protector of sea stars PAL 432 n.30 I miss you PAL 432 n.9 Reception girl in the magenta world
PAL 432 n.25 PAL 432 n.12 Trhipster PAL 432 n.21 Steaming man
PAL 432 n.18 Black night of white rain PAL 432 n.29 PAL 432 n.8 Multipede Cloud
PAL 432 n.4 In the neutral zone AL 432 n.3 YSO PAL 432 n.27 Immaterial Observer
  PAL 432 n.14 Of ashen light  
  Simona Ruggeri - Nice Little Dragon  
Deepwater Ice Horizons
  Baby Ghosts  
  Floating Pear  
Whom the gods love Empty swing The 10th life
Forever Forest of Phantom Trees La fanciulla
Flying Crown Hunnamed Drawings
  The Monster Under the Table  
  Mushrooms Are Mysterious  
Hare Ghost Into the wind Pastry Chick
Hand Flowers Pretzel Tigers
The Monster of English Grammar
Sleeping Ghost The Monster of the Pizza Hugging mistletoe wreath
  Portrait (Clouds)  
Surrealist Bird Gardeners (Roseto) Lady Tiger
The Monster of the Wardrobe The Monster of the Rain  The Monster of the Wind
The Monster of the Deep Space The Monster of the Rock ('N' Roll) The Monster of the Forest
The Monster of the Wood Lady Bug The Monster of the Shoe
The Monster of the Abyss The Monster of the Meadow Lily of the valley
Axis Mundi 2 The Prince Axis Mundi 1
  The Bourgeois  
Spira Mirabilis The Metamorphosis The Raven
  1990 – 2000  
Butterfly Red Knight Doppio Ritratto
Shadow People Northern Light Musicanti – trittico
Musicante a Musicante b Musicante c
Musicante d Ritratti Biestetica
  Particolari non trascurabili