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The Witch's Thought

Pointing a seahorse the way

Never feed your sharkitty with your bare hands

When your shrimpcat stains your best portrait dress

Butterfawn with conceptual wings

Although it is a common belief that the term Butterfawn derives from the crasis of Butterfly and Fawn, actually Butter is for butter, as these pretty creatures are made of butter. The butterfly wings are purely decorative. The functional wings are the conceptual ones, and they run on metaphysical propulsion. Fortunately the Butterfawns are genetically predisposed to philosophy, otherwise they should go on foot.

The Taffeta Monster

The Taffeta Monsters are extremely shy. To understand how far their introversion comes, it is enough to know that their babies, after being born, remain stubbornly inside the egg as much as they can, making their soft fur sprout through the shell. When the babies Taffeta Monsters are suddenly frightened, they tend to act as if they were being robbed. The origin of this behavior is ignored. Scientists speculate that it is an atavistic reflex, which arose when the prehistoric Taffetas lived in a hostile habitat surrounded by very gangsta species.


Seeing a human is scary, especially if you have never believed in their existence.


The Awful Monster


Ghost Bunnies

Waiting for Darwin (1)

Waiting for Darwin (2)


The Frauds are small, graceful, fluffy, charming, tender, sweet, adorable monsters out for (human) blood.
It would be interesting to examine their hunting strategy if they had one. The reality is that they never needed to work hard to kill their prey as they are deadly cute.
This is a handy thing for the Frauds, but it also makes their lives terribly monotonous.
Imagine being a ferocious predator preparing for an exciting hunt, but your prey (ie you) instead of running away, or fighting, or both options, dies as soon as it sees you, murdered by your beauty. You might as well go have breakfast at the café.
The Frauds thought of mimicry, but this would require some zillion centuries, as they learned from their neighbors.
Eventually they opted to hide their cute little face (and their 954 cute little tiger shark teeth) under a mask.
Sure it's not exactly very effective in hiding their incomparable allure, but when you are gorgeous (and modest) like a Fraud there's anything to do.


I Fraud sono piccoli, graziosi, soffici, incantevoli, teneri, dolci adorabili mostri assassini assetati di sangue (umano).
Sarebbe interessante esaminare la loro strategia di caccia se ne avessero una. La realtà è che non hanno mai avuto bisogno di impegnarsi più di tanto per fare fuori le loro prede in quanto sono mortalmente carini.
Questa è una bella comodità per i Fraud, ma rende anche la loro vita terribilmente monotona. Immaginate di essere un feroce predatore che si prepara per una eccitante battuta di caccia, ma la sua preda (cioè voi) invece di scappare o combattere o entrambe le opzioni, appena vi vede muore assassinata dalla vostra bellezza. Tanto vale andare a fare colazione al bar.
I Fraud hanno pensato al mimetismo, ma questo richiederebbe un paio di millemila secoli, come hanno imparato dai loro vicini di serie Waiting for Darwin.
Alla fine hanno optato per nascondere il loro adorabile musetto (e i loro 954 denti affilati) sotto una maschera. Certo non è che sia molto efficace per nascondere la loro incomparabile bellezza, ma quando si è belli (e modesti) come un Fraud c'è poco da fare.

Little demon drinking, surrounded by by spider chrysanthemums.

The little demons are irritable and nervous. It is extremely inadvisable to disturb them, especially when they are drinking: being used to a flamboyant habitat, they find the water difficult to understand and this makes them more cranky than usual.
This does not prevent them from having a predilection for spring water, but by instinct they are wary and have nerves on edge when confronted with this element, which for them is fascinating and mysterious.
Our demon has identified a mountain spring that gushes out in an isolated clearing.
Despite his young age he is very cautious, and unlike his daredevil friends (once the gang had even planned to go jump in the puddles! What reckless...) he made sure to carefully examine the surrounding area before to approach the water and undertake the risky drinking activity.
Unfortunately, precisely because of the inexperience due to his youth, he didn't realize he is surrounded by a herd of spider chrysanthemums.
Spider chrysanthemums are hybrid creatures, partly animal and partly vegetal.  What part is animal and which plant is not clear to anyone, not even to them.
Anyway, they are pretty floral critters that most of the time keep quiet reflecting on impermanence, feed on photons, are peaceful, harmless to humans and neighbouring species and are enormously curious. If we think that the remote position of the clearing had until now preserved it from the passage of ibexes and hikers, we can imagine the sensation that the visit of our demon has aroused in the floral community.
Given their dual nature, the spider chrysanthemums are allergic to half measures: either they stand motionless like chrysanthemums or snap like boosted spiders, because compared to the average spider they have more petals... that is, more legs ... in short, what they are.
I didn't have the courage to see what would happen, I picked up my sketchbook and pencil and run like hell.
If by chance you live near the spring and you hear first the outraged screams of a small demon, then smell of charred spider chrysanthemum, you know that for the moment it is better to stay away.

Drawings (2019)

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