The Hunnamed are nocturnal, introverted and very intelligent creatures. Determined to stay quiet and do what they love most (read, reflect and eat peanut butter with a spoon), they have developed an unprecedented ability to hide.
As an example of the behavior of the species, let's take this little guy here: although he was already finished in March 2018, he managed to hide himself up to now in the Forest of  Folders inside my PC, dressed as an already posted drawing.
As you can see, he is still wondering how I found him.

Hunnamed (2018 / 2019)

Acrylic on paper Watercolour Fabriano – 7" x 9" ½
Acrílico sobre papel Watercolour Fabriano – 18 x 24 cm
Acrilico su carta Watercolour Fabriano – 18 x 24 cm

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