Simona Ruggeri was born in Modena (Italy).
After the Liceo Classico she studied in the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, in the picture's chair of professor Concetto Pozzati.
Her artistic roots sink initially in fantastic and Renaissance tradition.
In this first Renaissance-futurist-alien period, born works as Doppio Ritratto, Northern Light, Red Knight, SeaShell, where besides compositive references, for pictorial execution are used technics and materials typical of the Renaissance.
Then her work proceeds developing links with Orient, specially with Buddhist and Shintoist thought.
Thereby born projects that are currently on the way as Phoenix Loop and White Mandala Project.

"It is not sentiment and it is not rational thought, the image of another dimension in the time of awareness reflects our real."

Simona Ruggeri

"On this concept is born the White Mandala Project, a path started in the Nineties and that is developed around the symbol of spiral, whose constant presence in every age evidences his power to make possible the communication among different dimensional planes.
The project, schematically presented below, provides for the realization of 9 works executed with acrylic colors on multi-ply."

From 1996 to 2005 she was co-director of the gallery Studio ErAArte cooperating, among others, with artists as: Marianne Eigenheer, Andreas Gehr, Roberta Fanti, Simone Zaugg, Matthias Aeberli, Leone Monteduro, Adriano Nardi, Marc Siegrist, etc.
From 1996 to 2004 she collaborated to reconstruction works of medieval tower in the Cereglio's ancient hamlet.
In November 2006 she definitively moved in Tenerife island where now lives and works.

Solo exhibitions:

Galleria Studio ErAArte – 1994 – Biestetica (Felix Dario Ruggeri and Simona Ruggeri)

Galleria Studio ErAArte – 1994 – Musicanti

Galleria Studio ErAArte – 2004 – White Mandala Project

Group exhibitions:

Galleria Studio ErAArte – 1994

Galleria Studio ErAArte – 1995

Spazio Assab One (Milano) – 2005

Galeria Café Moskau (Berlin) – 2006

Sala Espositiva Quartiere Santo Stefano (Bologna) – 11 Settembre 2011: 10 anni dopo – 2011

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Magazine Twohundredby200 (UK) n.26

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Hype Gallery Italy

Hype Gallery Germany

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