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rompiendo simetrías

Felix Dario Ruggeri was born on may 17, 1956 in Grizzana Morandi - Bologna - Italy.
Always he is interested in the art in all its expressions.
Author and curator of the performance "La luce dell'Asia" presented in the Circolo Pavese, Bologna.
Author and curator with the musician Massimo Testa of musical review "Hello Jazz" presented in the Circolo Pavese, Bologna.
Curator of posters and graphic sector of Centro di Ricerca Cinematografica.
He artistically formed himself in the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, in the picture's chair of professor Concetto Pozzati.
From 1996 to 2005 he was co-director of the gallery Studio ErAArte cooperating, among others, with artists as: Marianne Eigenheer, Andreas Gehr, Roberta Fanti, Simone Zaugg, Matthias Aeberli, Leone Monteduro, Adriano Nardi, Marc Siegrist, etc.
From 1996 to 2004 he personally realized the reconstruction works of medieval tower in the Cereglio's ancient hamlet.
In November 2006 he definitively moved in Tenerife island where now lives and works.

Solo exhibitions:

• Galleria Studio ErAArte – 1994 – Biestetica (Felix Dario Ruggeri
and Simona Ruggeri)

• Galleria Studio ErAArte – 2003 – Video Ascent

• Galleria Studio ErAArte – 2004 – Architetture in divenire

• Galleria Studio ErAArte – 2004 – Architetture

Group exhibitions:

• Galleria Studio ErAArte – 1994

• Spazio Assab One (Milano) – 2005

• Galeria Café Moskau (Berlin) – 2006

• CICCA (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) – 2007

• Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) – 2007

• Sala de Arte CajaCanarias (Puerto de la Cruz) – 2007

• IX Bienal Internacional de Fotografía Fotonoviembre 2007
Atlántica Colectivas

• Sala Juan Cas de La Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) – 2008

• Exposición Internacional de Fotografía Rafael Ramos García
Centro de Fotografía – Museos de Tenerife – 2008

• Museo Néstor (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) - 2008

• Scalamata Gallery (Venezia) - 2008

• Exposición Internacional de Fotografía Rafael Ramos García
Centro de Arte La Recova – Museos de Tenerife – 2009


• Finalist in international contest Diesel Wall Copenhagen 2007

• Winner of second prize in the photographic contest of Cajas de
Ahorros Canarias 2007 modality photographic series

• Finalist in international Photography’s contest
Rafael Ramos García 2008 with the work "Verdadera Alma"

Webmagazine :

Magazine Twohundredby200 (UK) n.17

Magazine Twohundredby200 (UK) n.18

Magazine Twohundredby200 (UK) n.25

Magazine Twohundredby200 (UK) n.26

Online presences:

Hype Gallery Italy

Hype Gallery Germany

Hype Gallery Street Photography

Saatchi Gallery






"It is not sentiment and it is not rational thought, the image of another dimension in the time of awareness reflects our real."

Simona Ruggeri

On this concept is born the White Mandala Project, a path started in the Nineties and that is developed around the symbol of spiral, whose constant presence in every age evidences his power to make possible the communication among different dimensional planes.
The project, schematically presented below, provides for the realization of 9 works executed with acrylic colors on multi-ply inches 72 across (183 cm).
The White Mandala Project's works will be exposed in progression online.